Darshika: Journal of Integrative and Innovative Humanities

Dear Readers,

In academia, to keep going with the world’s momentum, separate silos of theories and discussions need united. Darshika, as its Sanskrit meaning suggests, calls for validation of previous claims in traditional studies of humanities which did not take other islands of knowledge into consideration. It emphasizes the importance of and encourages the interdisciplinary working environment and the need for coalescence between the humanities and other disciplines, whether sciences—natural, social, or applied—or economics and business administration.

The first issue has been successful in drawing cross-disciplinary research articles and book reviews from international researchers. It starts with a discussion on peer learning in primary education and touches upon the knowledge of language and speech pathology and education. Then it moves to cinematic epistemologies and environmental crises, one of the most challenging problems among mankind. Still associated with cinema studies, the last article moves further towards the discussion of Buddhism and cinematic techniques. The issue ends with two book reviews, taking readers into the world of gardening and utopia. With these articles, we hope our first issue will establish our journal as a pioneering publication, moving scholarship into the new era of integrative and innovative humanities.

 Teeranoot Siriwittayakorn
Søren Ivarsson

Co-editors in Chief
Darshika: Journal of Integrative and Innovative Humanities Year 1 Volume.1 (November 2021)


Published: 2021-11-30